Stadium & Venue


IRP has been creating innovative products for stadiums and venues for decades, drawing a flurry of activity to our customers merchandising displays. With a memorable IRP merchandiser, your customers will experience a great time and lasting memories.



Beverage Carts
From draft to package beverage carts, IRP offers a large variety of products to choose from. Our CustomFab shop can also design and create a one of a kind cart exclusive to your brand.
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Food Carts
From BBQ to hot dogs, nachos to popcorn, whatever your customers like to eat we have the experience and ingenuity to satisfy their hunger. Our food carts will keep your customers coming back for seconds and thirds.
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Our kiosks become a memorable destination for customers. IRP can design and create a kiosk to your specific needs and requirements and size is not an issue.
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IRP offers state-of-the-art refrigerated products when ice is an issue. Our frost free systems will keep your products cold and accessible with minimum maintenance.
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Highly visible in the stands and essential in all stadiums and venues, Hawkers are the best way to get cold drinks to your customers.
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Recycling & Handling
IRP’s RotoTough™ recycling and handling bins can withstand whatever mother nature can dish out. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your requirements and needs.
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