July 4, 2016

Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP, Inc.) continues to set a new standard of excellence in the category of fabricated food & beverage equipment. Since it was founded in 1983, IRP has continued to surpass expectations and provide innovative concepts to customers, whether it be a one-off design for a theme park or fulfilling an entire stadium project. As with any project that is awarded to IRP, form and functionality must be given equal consideration. IRP’s craftsmanship is unmatched in the industry, being that each and every cart is hand-crafted in Iowa by IRP technicians. The manufacturing facility houses the sales team, engineering and design team, fabrication, quality control, and shipping under one roof; no small feat considering the sheer number of carts and kiosks IRP completes and ships in an average day.

IRP was honored to provide the fabricated beverage equipment to the new state-of-the- art U.S. Bank Stadium. It was only fitting that a stadium of that caliber would opt for the new “lift assist technology”, IRP’s patent-pending innovation in the field of equipment manufacturing. This revolutionary new technology allows vendors to effortlessly raise and lower the headers and canopies on their carts as needed for storage and mobility, and will also ensure that any employee will be able to do so without assistance. IRP’s contribution to U.S. Bank Stadium included 30 carts, ranging from typical beverage offerings (craft draft, liquor, bottle, combo) to specialty carts such as popcorn carts, farmers market carts, and support/sink carts.

During the initial bid process, IRP’s in-house team of engineers and designers were aware that the cart concept submitted would be a crucial deciding factor. It was imperative that the cart design draw inspiration from the architecture and materials of the stadium. Elements of chrome, glass, and stainless steel were incorporated into an angular cart base designed to provide a cohesive appearance with the interior space.

Another stadium project on the horizon for IRP is the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA. IRP was recently awarded the bid for the stadium’s food and beverage equipment. IRP’s in-house team wanted the overall aesthetic of the cart to draw inspiration from Sacramento’s climate and culture, while allowing it to pair seamlessly with the thematic design elements of the stadium’s architecture. The UL approved cart design paying homage to the stadium’s “Million Trees” theme will feature a stainless steel panel die-cut in a modernist leaf pattern, layered over an acrylic panel backlit with LED lighting. Other design elements include responsibly-harvested maple accents, glass, and stainless steel. In addition to the standard draft beer, cocktail, and hot food carts, IRP will provide carts for specialty food items.

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