March 17, 2017

Founded in 1983 in the city of Decorah, Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP) takes pride in being a trusted manufacturer of custom-fabricated foodservice and beverage equipment for stadia, venues, arenas, amusement parks and convention centers. IRP equipment can be found in more than 200 professional and collegiate sports venues, in all 50 US states and in 41 countries around the world. The company’s equipment is UL Listed for safety and NSF standards.

In addition to being compliant with all regulatory and governing bodies in the industry, IRP has stayed abreast of the changing technology in the field of foodservice. The company has incorporated every possible type of preparatory equipment available including grills, woks, induction burners, hot wells, cold wells and warming drawers. LED lighting is used for all IRP equipment and digital menu boards and monitors are routinely added, according to customer specifications. Façade design has expanded beyond printed ACM to include materials providing a 3D effect – faux wood, faux brick, die-cut steel, and backlit Lexan are popular options that appear to be trending.

Building reputations

IRP’s reputation for durability, quality and craftsmanship can be credited to the referrals provided from venue managers, concessionaires, architects and contractors, who appreciate the company’s ability to fabricate innovative designs while still meeting crucial project deadlines. The IRP manufacturing plant based in Iowa is now over 200,000ft2, with production running 24 hours a day, five days a week. The fabrication division can easily and efficiently manufacture entire stadium bid packages since IRP’s entire process – from initial design to shipping – is kept in-house and under one roof. IRP personnel will oversee your custom project from concept to reality, and all projects ship straight from the IRP facility where they are manufactured.

In addition to fulfilling entire stadium bids, IRP collaborates with beverage companies, venue concessionaires and venue operators to provide new kiosk solutions on an ongoing basis, based on year-on-year needs. Many of IRP’s largest projects to date include kiosks that are required to coexist with the existing architecture; one of the company’s largest projects to date was a kiosk over 40ft in length. IRP equipment can be designed with a combination of food and beverage serving options, or as mobile retail or POS stations.

The company routinely produces unique one-off carts including a retro van cart, wood pergola kiosks, and food-truck inspired carts, but it’s fabrication facility is equipped for mass production of any cart design. The new Precision Series by IRP includes a standard Bar Cart and Sink Cart that will be available for quick-ship, with additional standard cart options to be added by summer 2017.

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