September 10, 2017

USA-based Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP) is a custom manufacturer of semi-permanent and mobile foodservice equipment for stadia, venues, universities, hotels and resorts. IRP carts and kiosks can be found in over 200 different professional or collegiate sports venues, spanning six continents. All of IRP’s foodservice equipment is manufactured at the company’s plant headquarters in Decorah, Iowa. IRP carts and kiosks have the highest-quality steel frames, which are welded on-site. Top-quality durable products made in the United States are the foundation of the IRP brand.

Whether a customer is revamping its stadium or designing from scratch, every detail counts. IRP’s mission is simple: provide equipment that creates a cohesive aesthetic with the venue’s architectural elements, while incorporating the most current technology and materials available. IRP’s customfabricated carts and kiosks are available in virtually any size and configuration customers desire. IRP builds thousands of carts a year, so the projects publicly featured are just a small representation of the company’s overall portfolio. IRP’s philosophy is that quantity should never determine quality – unique spaces call for unique equipment, regardless of whether a venue needs just two units or 100.

Spirit of the game

IRP values its continued partnerships with companies known for breaking new ground in their respective industries and has collaborated with Innovative Dispense Solutions (IDS) since 2012. As the name implies, IDS is renowned for its innovative beverage dispensing technology, which permits the vendor to serve mixed cocktails in a five-second pour, in addition to serving beer and wine. IDS’s Cocktails On Tap (COT) system is preset to the retailer’s desired mix-to-alcohol ratio, which results in consistent taste profile and quality control.

IDS approached IRP about fabricating equipment to showcase its latest design – the portable Beverage Wall. Benefits of the Beverage Wall include visibility, speed of service, portion and quality control, in addition to being user friendly. The Beverage Wall is CO2-powered and does not require electricity, making it ideal for virtually any area. It features three 120ft coils hidden within an ice bin, as well as a waste tank, insulated flush-mounted potable ice cabinet, dry goods storage shelf, drainers, speed racks and POS shelves. An optional monitor can be placed above the potable ice cabinet drawer. Aesthetically, the Beverage Wall can be fabricated with numerous façade materials, and is available with copper or stainless-steel trim. Brushed ACM and stainless-steel accents were used in the unit shown. An optional matching front bar is available. The Beverage Wall’s overall finished dimensions are 84in in width, 43in in depth, and 72in in height.

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