December 14, 2017

When bringing a new stadia build to fruition, no detail is too minute when thousands of man hours are spent deliberating the final aesthetics. While food and beverage equipment for the concourse are often the last design elements that are chosen, the same degree of consideration should be given. Equipment on the concourse must be congruous with the surrounding environment while attracting the attention of event patrons. Iowa Rotocast Plastic’s (IRP) mission is simple: to provide equipment that creates a cohesive aesthetic without detracting from a venue’s architectural elements, while incorporating the most current technology and materials available. IRP’s team of engineers, designers and project managers strives to ensure that the equipment will provide a harmonious synergy with the design elements so carefully chosen by the venue architects. Superb craftsmanship, durability and quality are the foundations of the IRP brand.

Whether you are bidding on an entire stadium package, or just in the market for a kiosk required to coexist with the existing architecture, form may grab the consumer’s attention, but function must take precedence in order for the equipment to serve its purpose.

IRP, founded in 1983, takes pride in being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of UL-certified custom fabricated foodservice and beverage equipment for stadia, venues and arenas. The company’s equipment can be found in over 200 professional and collegiate sports venues, spanning six continents. IRP products can be found in all 50 states of the USA, in addition to 41 countries around the world. The company’s explosive growth in this sector is due in part to its innovative designs, superior products, as well as its ability to meet crucial project deadlines. IRP typically collaborates with the concessionaire at each of these locations to provide new kiosk solutions on an ongoing basis, based on year-on-year needs.

Under one roof

All elements of IRP’s design and production are kept in-house, enabling maximum efficiency and quality control. This means that the company’s personnel will oversee a client’s custom product all the way through from concept to reality. Because of this, all projects ship straight from the facility where they are designed and fabricated. Carts can be designed with a combination of food and beverage serving options, or as mobile retail or POS stations. IRP routinely produces unique one-off carts, such as food-truck inspired carts, wood pergola-style kiosks, and the truly iconic Budweiser ‘hitch’ carts, but its fabrication facility is equipped for mass production of any cart design.

IRP’s latest innovation in the field of equipment manufacturing includes patent-pending Lift Assist technology, which makes it possible for complex headers and canopies to be raised and lowered with ease. The revolutionary design will enable vendors to effortlessly raise and lower the headers and canopies on their carts as required for storage and mobility, and will also ensure that any venue employee can accomplish this, regardless of stature or physical strength. This feature not only adds functional value, but an aesthetic benefit as well. The 3in-diameter round pole design creates a sleek appearance by reducing the number of support columns from four to two. It eliminates pins, screws and traditional telescoping support columns, and can support a header weighing up to 200 lb. Traditional telescoping headers of this magnitude would usually require up to four people to raise or lower – with IRP’s Lift Assist, a header can be raised and lowered by a single person. This technology can be incorporated into virtually any cart design for food and beverage equipment.

Track record

IRP was involved with several notable projects throughout 2016, including US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

The cart design for Golden 1 Center derived inspiration from Sacramento’s climate and culture, and used materials that would blend seamlessly with the thematic elements of the stadium’s architecture. The clean modern lines of the cart equipment paid homage to the stadium’s ‘Million Trees’ theme by featuring a stainless steel panel die-cut in a modernist leaf pattern, layered over an acrylic panel backlit with LED lighting. Other design elements include responsibly harvested maple accents, glass and stainless steel. The equipment built for Golden 1 Center included standard beverage offerings such as draught beer, draught spirits, cocktails and wine, as well as food carts for Asian woks, ice cream floats, hot dogs, grill and convection.

For US Bank Stadium, IRP’s in-house team of engineers and designers felt it was imperative that the cart design incorporate elements of chrome, glass, wood grain and stainless steel into a unique angular cart base. The beverage carts used wood-grain ACM in the base and header, while specialty carts used a more simplistic stainless and ACM header. The bases on all of the carts featured two triangular acrylic accent overlay panels, backlit with LED lighting. IRP’s initial contribution to US Bank Stadium included 36 carts, ranging from the typical beverage offerings – such as craft draft, liquor, bottle and combo – to specialty carts such as popcorn, farmers’ market cooler kiosks, support and sink carts. Additional support carts were ordered for the plaza after the stadium’s official opening. This was a milestone project for IRP, as US Bank Stadium is the first stadium to receive equipment designed with the new Lift Assist technology.

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