July 8, 2016

By tackling seemingly insurmountable projects, Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP) has carved a niche for itself in the fabricated F&B equipment sector. IRP is accustomed to handling challenging requests for clients’ fabricated carts – whether a project calls for a replica ice-resurfacing machine beverage cart, a wood barrel draught kiosk, or a food truck-inspired cart designed with draught and food serving equipment. The Montejo ‘food truck’ cart adopted an on-trend taco and beer theme, and featured a double draught tower with a direct-draw Perlick Star 36in electric griddle, warming drawer, and electric hot pan. The overall unit measured 140in in length, 37.25in in width, and 83.75in in height.

Unique projects, many of which call for one-off designs, require highly skilled labor every step of the way, from inception right the way through to fabrication. The finished design may serve as a visual representation of the labor-intensive process, but in many cases the true challenge comes not from the design itself, but from implementing that design in a way that will enable shipping, mobility of the cart or kiosk in the destination venue, breakdown of headers and canopies, and overall intended function.

Helping hands

IRP’s latest product innovation in the field of equipment manufacturing includes patent pending lift-assist technology, which enables a single person to raise and lower a header or canopy with just one hand. This new feature has multiple implications for venues and stadia – the technology will enable vendors to effortlessly raise and lower the headers and canopies on their carts as needed for storage and mobility, and will also ensure that any venue employee, regardless of their stature or physical strength, will be able to comfortably lift and lower the canopy or header without assistance. Furthermore, if the carts need to be transported from one venue to another, the header or canopy will not have to be fully removed and reattached, thus saving the venue time and money on costly labor.

IRP is well aware that while form may grab the consumer’s attention, function must take precedence in order for the equipment to serve its purpose. IRP’s synergy of these two crucial elements is precisely the reason the company was chosen by the Kansas City Royals to construct two 36.5ft kiosks – the largest projects completed by IRP to date. A project on this scale might seem daunting to some, but IRP’s dedicated team relished the opportunity to create landmark kiosks for a venue like Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Each kiosk featured a multitude of equipment options, including draft towers, electric hot pans, under-counter refrigeration and 19in monitors.

Whether a customer is looking for a cart 6ft in length or 30ft, IRP is willing and able to handle every element of a client’s project. From conception through to fabrication, IRP’s dedicated team wholeheartedly devotes itself to any project with professionalism, quality and efficiency.

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