March 21, 2018

Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP), a supplier of custom fabricated food and beverage equipment, is experiencing an increasing surge in product demand for portables and kiosks.

This type of equipment is utilised in conjunction with the built-in permanent concessions but allow the venue the flexibility of changing menus and placement.

The newly constructed Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin represents a major project milestone for IRP. IRP supplied the entirety of the portable food and beverage concessionaire equipment, as well as the kiosks for the Southside Market.

The IRP team worked closely with CAA ICON on behalf of Levy Restaurants throughout the entire process.

The project timeline was completed ahead of schedule, with the first shipment of portables delivered in late July and the second shipment of Southside Market kiosks delivered in early August, well ahead of the Grand Opening event that was held on September 4th.

IRP’s crew of technicians assisted in the unpacking, setup, and placement of the portables throughout Fiserv Forum, as is customary for projects of this scope.

At Fiserv Forum the portable equipment is placed throughout the concourse, a strategy used to alleviate congestion at the main concession areas and allow the event patrons the option of making an expedient individualised purchase.

The final design for the portables was congruent for both the food and beverage equipment.

A unified aesthetic paired stainless steel accents with a front façade of white subway tile and a header fabricated from black ACM, topped with CNC die-cut brushed stainless steel ACM signage.

Equipment incorporated within the portables focused on traditional fare like sausages, popcorn, hot roasted nuts, and pretzels, as well as niche offerings like donuts, Mexican cuisine, local ice cream, and deli fare.

Speciality beverage portables included bottled beer, blended frozen drinks, and a coffee cart, which was conveniently placed next to the donut cart.

Southside Market

The market kiosks are all placed within the Southside Market, an open concept concession area located on the south upper concourse of Fiserv Forum.

The majority of the Southside kiosks consist of a front and back cart connected with an overhead canopy and a supplemental third cart positioned to create a U-shaped concession area.

Each kiosk is self-contained and designed to sell speciality foods or beverages. Speciality foods, including ethnic fusion cuisines and health-friendly options are on the rise, as venues cater to health-conscious patrons and Millennials, a demographic that has a tendency to splurge more on trendy food and experiences as a whole.

The cuisine offered in Southside Market will include gyros, Cedar Crest ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, Geno’s meatballs, FreshFin Poké bowls, and speciality slider sandwiches from the Miniwaukee market kiosk.

Bottled craft beer, cocktails, and frozen drinks will be available for purchase at the beverage kiosks located within Southside Market.

In addition to supplying the portables and kiosks, all portable condiment stations in Fiserv Forum were fabricated by IRP.

The venues that have contracted IRP -- such as Fiserv Forum, US Bank Stadium, and Golden 1 Center -- appreciated the option of custom designed condiment carts, since this provides a cohesive look with the other food and beverage equipment while also being built to the highest quality standards.

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