March 3, 2017

Iowa Rotocast Plastics (IRP), a privately-owned company based in the USA, is a custom manufacturer of semi-permanent and mobile foodservice equipment for stadiums, venues, universities, hotels and resorts.

IRP carts and kiosks can be found in over 200 different professional or collegiate sports venues, spanning six continents.

Whether you’re revamping your stadium or designing from scratch, every detail counts. IRP’s mission is simple: provide equipment that creates a cohesive aesthetic with your venue’s architectural elements, while incorporating the most current technology and materials available.

Top-quality durable products made in the USA are the foundation of the IRP brand.

IRP foodservice equipment can be created to your exact specifi cations, no cart is too big or too small. One of IRP’s largest projects to date was over 30ft in length.

IRP carts can be designed with a combination of food & beverage serving options, or as mobile Retail or POS Stations. All of IRP’s foodservice equipment is manufactured at their plant headquarters in Decorah, Iowa.

Customised carts

IRP carts and kiosks have the highest quality steel frames, which are welded on-site. A wide array of materials can be used for the exterior facades including tile, wood, stainless, ACM, faux brick, and printed graphics.

Interior foodservice components are specified by the client and sourced by IRP, or fabricated to accommodate speciality foodservice equipment manufactured by the client, as exemplified in the collaboration with Evo.

Evo display cooking equipment is successfully being used to prepare and present innovative food concepts to optimise sales, minimise costs (preparation time and labour) and reduce waste with an emphasis on freshness and sustainability.

IRP was honoured to partner with Evo on an innovative mobile solution for food preparation that incorporated Evo’s newest state-of-the-art technology: an electric cooktop with a ductless downdraft ventilation feature that provides full containment of smoke, grease and cooking odours.

Mobile cookery

Evo’s EVent cooktop design will permit vendors to cook and prepare meals anywhere without the restrictions imposed by externally vented hoods and duct work, which makes it ideal for front of house display cooking in restaurant settings, or for use in stadiums and venues.

The kiosk was comprised of two units, a front cart and back cart. Overall aesthetic design was carefully considered to enhance the display food service preparation and food presentation for the consumer, while adhering to regulatory requirements.

The front cart was designed with stainless steel decorative die-cut backlit panels on the front and sides, a stainless steel counter and acrylic sneeze guards.

The front cart’s prominent feature was the Evo EVent electric griddle unit with ductless downdraft ventilation, technology that garnered Evo the Kitchen Innovations 2015 Award by the National Restaurant Association. Additional cart features included an NSF certifi ed Ronda Insulated Double Drawer Cabinet for hot or cold food storage, a pull-out trash drawer, ice well, and locking cabinets. The back cart was primarily designed for storage and support, with locking cabinets, open shelving, and dual digital signage monitors to display menu options and promote events.

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